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My Favorite Earrings under $15!

As short hair maven, there is one accessory that I deem an absolute must. It's earrings! I love a good, big earring! And as much as I love a good traditional hoop, I also love non-hoop as well. It's just something about putting on a big, gold, statement earring that makes me feel invincible!

Since I love a big hoop, I'm always looking for earrings that aren't too heavy (because they'll irritate my ears by the end of the day). With the exception of the traditional hoop, these earrings are very light weight!

In the spirit of the holidays (and saving a few coins), I've rounded up a few of my favorite earrings under $15! Hopefully you can snag these during Cyber Monday to kick start your holiday shopping!

Click here to start shopping!

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