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My Sephora Must Haves!

Hey Girl!

Welcome back!! As I told you, this blog will be about 'all the things,' so this week, I wanted to share with you my Sephora must haves. As you may or may not know, a couple times a year Sephora has a Rogue/VIB/Insider sale. During the sale is when I restock on items that I love or I know I will need to repurchase within the next few months. If you can take advantage, I highly recommend it because I'm always trying to save a few coins!

Also, don't fight me, but the sale ends on Nov 9th (basically, today!)

Alright, here we go! Here is a short list of my Sephora must haves:

Why I love it: The Pat McGrath website describes the foundation as sheer veil to medium coverage, which in my opinion, is the selling point. While there was period in my life when I enjoyed heavy duty, full coverage foundations, these days, I am all about a skin-like finish. Since it's not a full coverage foundation, your natural skin will come through which I love since I have freckles on my cheeks and I always want them to be seen. (Shoutout to black women with freckles!) With that said, if you have hyperpigmentation, you'll want to color correct or spot conceal prior to applying your foundation if you want flawless coverage. If you've ever wondered what foundation I use or am wearing, 9/10 I'm rocking this foundation. It's my holy grail! Plus also, Pat McGrath is a black woman! If you're in the market for a new foundation, I highly recommend you give this a try and tell me what you think.

The Details:

My shade: Dark 30

Finish: Natural

Coverage: Sheet to medium

Price: $68

Shade Range: 36 shades

Why I love it: Sephora's website advertises the Oaui scrub as a scalp and body scrub. I have never used this in my hair (and to be honest, I probably never will), HOWEVER, I use this as a body exfoliator and I LOVE IT! First of all, it smells AMAZING! According to Sephora, the fragrance is Melrose Place—a velvety rich rose fragrance with hints of bergamot, lychee, cedar-wood, and white musk. It's very grown woman IYKYK. I use it almost daily and when I layer it with a fragrant lotion or perfume, chiiiiiiiiiile...

The Details:

Price: $38

Why I love it: This lipgloss is literally all the things. The Gloss Bomb collection has expanded to include several shades, but the original shade: Fu$$y still reigns supreme in my book. I mostly use it overtop a nude lip to add a sheer gloss and it does the trick every single time! Fu$$y is shimmery pink, which I generally stay away from since shimmery/glittery lip products often remind me of makeup for children, but this shade finds the balance so it doesn't come out looking very child-like. The other thing I absolutely love about this product is the wand. I HATE lip products with thin wands so you're forced to apply 50-11 times to cover your entire lip. Fenty made this wand with fuller lips in mind! If you get nothing else on this list, I recommend trying this gloss! It has a cult following and it's well deserved!

The Details:

Price: $19

Shade Range: 6

Why I love it: If you've followed me for any period of time, I'm sure you've heard me lament about my acne prone skin. t's awful and I hate it! But, it has forced me to be more diligent about my skincare products and investing more time and energy in finding out what works best for me.

The Fresh Hydration Toner is a staple in my routine. In general, Fresh is a very gentle skincare line. Some of their products are too gentle for me, but this toner gets the job done without leaving my skin feeling stripped.

The Details:

Price: $45

Why I love it: When I first started going to my dentist I would always comment about how good their bathroom, hand soap, and lotion smelled! I finally decided to find it for myself. YALL! This smells so freaking good!! Anytime I have guests they ALWAYS comment on the hand soap and lotion. I won't lie, it's expensive! I ONLY purchase this during the Sephora sale and I ONLY put this in my guest bathrooms, but it makes such a huge impression. My personal favorite scent is English Pear & Freesia. I have this scent in lotion, hand soap, and the diffuser. It's absolutely divine. With that said, it does have a very strong smell, so if you're sensitive to smells or prefer less perfume-y scents, you probably won't like it. But if you're into making an impression or like your home to have a beautiful scent, I recommend giving it a try.

The Details:

Why I love it: I've already discussed my love for Pat McGrath. Her products are bomb. PERIOD. While there are a few products that I love from her makeup line, her foundation and MatteTrance lipsticks are signature for me. What I love about this lipstick is that it has the staying power of a traditional matte lipstick, but it's extremely comfortable and it doesn't tug on your lips when you're applying it. My favorite color from this line is Elson 2. It's described as a fiery orange- red. Every woman needs the perfect shade of red lipstick and if you're my complexion or darker, I definitely recommend giving this a go!

I hope this list was helpful and you're able to pick up a few items while they're on sale. With that said, I know we're in the midst of a global pandemic and a Sephora sale might be the last thing on your mind, if that's the case, please don't feel bad or feel pressured into buying anything! I am a strong proponent of fiscal responsibility before luxuries.

If you have questions about anything, please let me know in the comments or email me!

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Simone A Allen
Simone A Allen

I love those lipsticks I got four during the sale last year. Question about primer any go tos?

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