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Tis the season for Sweater Dresses!

I am a total sucker for fall clothes. It's my favorite season to dress for because of the boots, scarves, (vegan) leather jackets, and SWEATER DRESSES!

I love a good sweater dress because for their versatility. They are easily dressed up or down based on your accessories and shoe combinations.

I typically grab a pair of thigh-high boots, cinch my waist with a belt, and throw on a good pair of earrings and layer a few necklaces, and voilà! It looks like I tried, when really a sweater dress is nothing more than dressed up sweat pants- I promise! They're so easy to slip on, accessorize and boom! You look like a whole entire fashionista!

I've rounded a few of my favorite sweater dresses, and a few dupes, because it's a whole entire panoramic!

The top row are the exact dresses from my video, the bottom row are dupes. Plus if you check out my LiketoKnowit Profile page, you'll find a few other dupes all under $25.

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